What devices does pictocast work for?

At the moment we support iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Support for Android phones and tablets are currently being scheduled for development. However, it's recommended that for the best experience an iPad is used.

Do I need a chromecast to play pictocast?

Yes, you do. Currently we do not support sole play on a mobile device.

Is pictocast free?

Yes, pictocast is free to download and play. We offer in-app purchasable 'packs' which contain several categories of phrases each. These can be located from the home screen of the app via the 'shop' button.

How many players can I play with?

Currently pictocast supports up to 8 players.

I bought several packs of categories. My friends know nothing about some. Can I turn some of them off?

Yes you can. During the game setup screen you can opt in or out of including a category by pressing the icon.